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Love Shack 'Verse

Love Shack is an AU 'verse where the CW RPS (and yeah, a few random actors) live in L.A. and work at one of three places: The Love Shack, Hollywood Video, or the Rattlesnake Smile. The only other thing you need to know is that every fic is titled with a song, and karaoke is the norm.

In chronological order:

Love Shack Jared/Jensen (Mike/Tom)
The House Rules
Come to Papa Alyson Hannigan/Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Fergalicious Mike/Tom *NEW* 2/9/07
The Chase Chris Kane/Amber Benson
I Know What Boys Like Mike/Tom *NEW* 4/7/07
Tonight the Heartache's on Me Jared/Jensen
To Make You Feel My Love Jared/Jensen
Sweet Talking Woman Jeff/Alyson
Under My Tree Jared/Jensen (Mike/Tom, Jeff/Alyson, Chris Kane/Amber Bensen)
A Song For You Jared/Jensen
Sharp Dressed Man Jared/Jensen

You also might want to check out the Picspam to meet the players.
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