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Vanilla Twilight

Title: Vanilla Twilight
Fandom: The Next Generation
Pairing: Wesley/Riker
Rating: PG
Word Count: 656
Summary: Wesley isn't an idiot.
Notes: Written for the 15_minute_fic prompt: Pine. Thanks to littlestclouds for the beta ♥ Title shamelessly stolen from the Owl City song of the same name that I listened to while writing this.

Wesley isn’t an idiot.

That’s the one thing everyone on this stupid ship seems to agree on. Only the ship isn’t stupid, Wesley’s just being an idiot. He sighs and tries not to feel like some kind of teenage stereotype, even as he falls back onto his bed.

This is fucking ridiculous.

Wesley laughs at himself, fully aware of how pathetic he’s being. It’s not as if he’s the only person to - for a lack of a better word - pine away after someone he can’t have. History is full of people with insignificant crushes followed by those same people stepping up and getting on with their lives. Why should it be any different for Wesley?

Logic fails at the worst possible time, and Wesley finds himself sighing again as he stares up at the ceiling. How did it even come to this? What kind of circumventing mental process got his emotions this tangled up? His head hurts, and Wesley cringes as he realizes he’s back to feeling like an idiot.

So what if Commander Riker is outrageously attractive and seemingly perfect in every way? Except for all the ways that he isn’t. It’s not like Wesley has himself all confused and warped by some kind of fleeting attraction. There’s no tainted hero worship going on here. He can see Will’s shortcomings, can see his need to prove himself and his inability to always keep his emotions in check when he’s supposed to be acting every bit as diplomatic as the Captain is.

Hell, it’s not like Will is even the type to pursue a relationship. From what Wesley can tell, Riker is willing and able to fool around with half the ship - or the inhabitants of the worlds they encounter - without forming any kind of attachment. That constant desire, the hum of energy that Wesley can almost see pulsing under Will’s skin, is another issue.

Wesley has listed it as both a plus and minus on his list. Because he uh...has a list. Wesley laughs at himself again, picturing the mental Pros and Cons list he’s been creating over the past few months. Somehow, no matter how reasonably and logically he tries to evaluate Will, the list is always completely lopsided. It’s not his fault that things like the beard or his smirk have to be documented thoroughly in the Pros column.

Wesley is nothing if not a scientist above all else.

Will shouldn’t be another puzzle Wesley has to figure out, though. Hell, Wesley has done a pretty decent job of avoiding addressing the issue with everyone he knows. He’s pretty sure no one can tell all the mixed up feelings he has churning inside of him.

Except for today, which brings him back to the reason he’s an idiot. If only he’d been able to conceal his wants better. But Counselor Troi had been wide open, trying to sense beings on the planet beneath them, and Wesley had been unprepared for the hand Will - Commander Riker - clapped on his shoulder. An intense rush had gone through him, his whole body lighting up at the small touch, and Troi had turned to him, eyes wide as she felt it. Wesley did his best not to react, but he could tell that she wasn’t buying it. Besides, what’s the use in trying to outsmart a telepath?

So Wesley continues to hide in his room, sprawled out on his bed and pining for something he can’t have. He won’t be able to avoid talking with Counselor Troi forever, but he’s willing to put it off as long as he can. Even though he knows what he’s feeling is more complicated than he’s willing to admit, he hopes that he can convince her it’s just a passing fancy.

Wesley may be an idiot, but he’s also a fucking genius. He can do this.
Tags: tng, wesley/riker
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