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Kiss Me Quick, But Make It Last

Title: Kiss Me Quick, But Make It Last
Fandom: The Next Generation
Pairing: Wesley/Riker
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,210
Summary: Wesley finds a way to approach Will.
Series: Follows Vanilla Twilight.
Notes: Written for the kissbingo prompt - emotion: happiness. Thanks to littlestclouds for the beta ♥ Title shamelessly stolen from the Demi Lovato song "Catch Me".

“You know, this whole leaving ship to go to Starfleet Academy might not be a bad thing,” Wesley says, not bothering to stop the work he’s doing. He in Data are alone in Data’s quarters, working together to repair the replicator. Actually, Wesley isn’t quite sure why Data asked him to accompany him, seeing as the android is more than able to fix something as simple as this. He doesn’t mind, though, because Data is good company, no matter what some people on board say. Everyone who takes the time to know him ends up liking him. He’s a lot like the Captain in that way.

“I was unaware that you considered it to be anything but an exciting duty. As something to look forward to,” Data tells him, shooting him a well-practiced quizzical look.

“It’s just...I love this ship,” Wesley starts, taking a moment to pause and gather his thoughts before continuing. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m going to miss you and everyone else here. But I’m starting to think that maybe once I get to the Academy - providing that I get accepted this time around - that maybe I’ll be able to find someone?”

“There are many people on the Enterprise,” Data informs him. Wesley just laughs, shaking his head as he fiddles with the replicator.

“I mean someone who likes me back, you know?” Wesley asks.

“I am afraid that I do not know,” Data says. “I thought you were well liked by the other members of the crew?”

“I mean romantically, Data,” Wesley tells him, smirking when Data looks lost again. “I have friends enough, but I’m not making much headway with the person I have a thing for.”

“Have you informed them?” Data asks. “I am told that is the best way to approach something of this nature.” He brushes Wesley’s hand out of the way and realigns one of the crystals. Wesley frowns at the replicator, because he hadn’t even noticed that was the problem. This whole crush nonsense is starting to get annoying. He can’t think straight, can’t accomplish simple tasks. It’s about a thousand times worse than it was when he first met Salia.

“Yeah, good one,” Wesley says, snorting. He turns to face Data and crosses his arms across his chest. “This person is way out of my league.”

“Have you joined a sports team?” Data asks. Wesley laughs again, holding out a hand to stop Data from asking anything else.

“No. I mean that this person is too good for me. And a bit older. Not that that matters,” Wesley says quickly. “So I’m starting to think that even though I don’t really want to leave the Enterprise, that maybe I’ll be able to find someone to date at the Academy. It’s not like I’ve had a lot of luck with that here.”

“Have you looked into the computer’s dating system?” Data asks. “I have heard that it is quite reputable and a good place to meet people interested in whatever moves you.”

“The computer has a dating system?” Wesley asks, unable to hide the shock in his voice. He has a sudden image of Will sitting in his quarters, browsing through every available person on the ship and picking out his next conquest. Wesley has to cough to cover it up, snorting into his hand as he pushes the image from his mind.

“I am told it is a modern convenience. Many members of the crew are as of yet unattached. They are able to post messages that can be read and responded to by others. I am told it is a good place to find some action,” Data says. He smiles a bit at the last phrase, and Wesley rolls his eyes.

“Maybe I’ll check it out,” Wesley says, shrugging. “Hey, why did you ask for my help anyway? You could have fixed this on your own hours ago!”

“I thought you would be too smart to go along with this little plan of Counselor Troi’s. She asked me to talk to you, because she sensed something wrong with you the other day and seems to think that you are avoiding being caught in the same room with her. I will inform her that you appear to be in good spirits and working through whatever is troubling you,” Data says.

“You did help. Thanks,” Wesley tells him honestly. He reaches out and pats Data on the shoulder, smiling when Data grins at him. He’s been more help than he realizes.

Wesley heads back to the bridge, deciding to on research this dating system as soon as he gets off shift. He wonders why no one ever told him about it, glaring at the walkway in front of him when he realizes that most of the people here think he’s still a child. He’s already the age of consent on most planets and can truthfully say that he’s as smart, if not smarter, than half the people on the Enterprise.

Which is a complete lie, because if he were that intelligent, then he’d have found a way to approach Commander Riker by now.


Wesley ends up getting stuck on the bridge longer than usual, because the guy relieving him apparently caught the strain of Levodian flu that was going around the ship and it took some time to find a replacement. It makes him that much more eager to get back to the privacy of his own room. Data’s words have been running through his head all day long, and he can’t wait to check out whatever this dating system is all about. Even if he can’t connect with Commander Riker, there’s a possibility he can find someone who will appreciate him.

“Computer, bring up the dating system and put it on my viewer,” Wesley says once he’s seated at his desk.

“Transferring the dating directory to your viewer,” the feminine voice of the computer tells him. Wesley keeps forgetting that she’s not a real person, and he doesn’t really need to thank her for preforming her job. He does anyway, rolling his eyes at himself as he does.

Wesley spends the next twenty minutes scanning through the dating directory, just learning the system. Some of the posts are overtly friendly in nature, like people looking to find other people who wish to go camping on their next shore leave. Others are raunchy enough to make Wesley blush - though to be honest it doesn’t take much - and make his mouth go dry. For the most part, it’s just people posting descriptions of themselves paired with what their ideal partner would be.

One entry catches Wesley’s eye, and he damn near falls out of his chair. His heart starts racing, beating against his chest like a caged animal. He forces himself to calm down as he reads the entire entry, focusing on the William Riker at the end of it.

“Male seeking the company of either sex for an evening of entertainment. Is open to both short-term and long-term relationships. Enjoys a wide variety of ages and species,” Wesley reads to himself. He repeats it a few times before breaking out in a huge grin.

Not only does Riker apparently go both ways, he’s willing and able for...whatever. Wesley tries to think of a reason why Riker might turn him down, thinks of about a million, and then decides that the hell with it. He’s leaving for Starfleet in the near future, and if he wants this, then he has to get on it.

Full of newfound resolve, Wesley decides to bypass replying to the message and heads right to Commander Riker’s quarters.


Wesley’s hands are sweating. It’s the only thing he can concentrate on right now. He wipes them on the sides of his pants and tries to get the nerve to push the door chime and let Commander Riker know he’s here and available. Which sounds a bit ridiculous now that he thinks it, but Wesley sure as hell isn’t anywhere near as smooth about these things as Will is.

Will. He really needs to start thinking of him as Will and not Commander Riker. Especially if he agrees to what Wesley is proposing. Which he totally isn’t, because it’s Wesley and things never seem to got he way he wants them to. Would it be so hard for people to thank him for saving their asses once in awhile instead of looking at him like he’s some kind of pest they have to put up with? Just because he’s kind of a genius doesn’t mean they have to judge him for being younger.

“Deal with it people, really,” Wesley mumbles to himself. He shakes those thoughts out of his head and it about to reach out when the door suddenly opens and Will is standing there looking expectantly at him.

“Deal with what?” Will asks, an amused smirk slowly spreading across his face. He crosses his arms and leans against the door frame. Wesley licks his lips and tries to ignore how damn edible Will is.

“Nothing,” Wesley says quickly, mentally kicking himself. “How did you know I was here?”

“I have my security set up to let me know if anyone is outside for a long period of time. Kind of like a proximity alert. So say if someone, namely you, were to stand outside my quarters for fifteen minutes or so, I’d notice it,” Will says. There’s laughter in his eyes, and Wesley already feels like this is going horribly wrong.

“I’ve been debating whether or not to bother you, actually,” Wesley tells him, cringing at how awkward he sounds. He should just abandon this whole plan right now. If he were smarter, or if he didn’t have such strong feelings for Will, he’d turn around and head back to his quarters.

“Why don’t you come in and tell me what’s on your mind?” Will asks, stepping aside so Wesley can enter the room. He takes a moment to look around, even though he’s familiar with his surroundings. Back when he first decided to stay on board, he spent a lot of nights in here while Will oversaw his education. Then came a time when Wesley’s expertise surpassed Will’s on certain subjects and he spent a lot more time in the lab. Currently, he is overwhelmed with the urge to drag Will across the room and into the bedroom. Instead, he sits down on the couch and waits until Will sits next to him.

“I’m not quite sure how to approach this,” Wesley starts, frowning as he realizes he should have spent more time rehearsing this. He feels ridiculously young and out of place, much like he did when Will was trying to teach him how to charm the ladies with Guinan in Ten Forward. “I uh...I read your post of the computer’s dating directory.”

“Oh,” Will says, pressing his lips together. He looks like he’s concentrating so hard that Wesley half expects him to start stroking his beard. Then he thinks of other things Will could be stroking and has to look away for a second. He wills his heart to stop stammering in his chest and waits for Will to speak.

Only he doesn’t. He just sits there staring at Wesley with what appears to be sheer panic on his face.

“I’m not disturbed by it in any way,” Wesley tells him quickly. There’s a visible change in Will’s demeanor, and Wesley takes it as a good enough sign to go forward with this. “I actually was kind of interested?” The words hang between them for a long moment in which Will’s eyes widen and he looks - really looks - at Wesley.

“I’m not sure how appropriate that would be,” Will finally says after what seems like eons. He sounds disappointed. Wesley realizes that maybe all the time’s he’s imagined Will was checking him out weren’t all so fictitious.

“I’m well over the age of consent in most places, including under the official Federation guidelines,” Wesley tells him. Because honestly, he had to check that out before he even came here. There’s a good possibility that he’d checked the regulations as soon as he started feeling this way towards Will, but he’d never admit it.

“Of course you’d know that,” Will says with a sigh. He runs a hand over his face and wets his lips before looking at Wesley again. “This is such a horrible idea,” he says, laughing almost nervously. Which is not how this is supposed to go at all. Wesley came here to get what he wants, and what he want is Will. He’s not about to let Will’s sense of honor or fear of corrupting someone who so desperately wants to be corrupted get in the way of this.

“Fuck it,” Wesley says, his voice rougher than he planned on. Will eyes him wearily, but Wesley uses Will’s split second of shock at his language to climb into his lap. He straddles him, his body moving as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Will gasps at the contact, and Wesley leans down to brush their lips together. He misses the first try, catching the corner of Will’s mouth and half his beard. Laughing, he realigns and crushes their mouths together. At first, Will doesn’t kiss him back, but Wesley doesn’t give up. He’s a persistent motherfucker when he needs to be.

And then all of a sudden Will is kissing him back and it’s the best thing Wesley’s ever felt. His whole body is lit up, a surge of happiness shooting through his limbs. He still has no idea what he’s doing, but Will takes over, licking into Wesley’s mouth. His hands come up, one splaying against the back of Will’s neck and the other tangling in the fabric of his uniform. Will cups his face and damn near devours him.

Wesley can feel himself smiling into the kiss, his whole world falling into place around him. Because this? This is what he’s been missing his whole life. Will’s lips against his and him body beneath him is enough to make him forget the rest of the world. He’s pretty sure he could survive on this alone.

Wesley moans into the kiss and pulls back, panting for air. It only takes a second for Will to gasp and pull him back down, pressing his lips firmly against Wesley’s. He rocks his hips, shivering when he can feel the hard press of Will beneath him. Wesley is hard too, his dick pushing against the front of his pants. He tries to grind down, but Will stops him, his hands flying down to Wesley’s hips as he breaks the kiss.

“This is going to get us in so much trouble,” Will says, his voice edged with something Wesley has never heard in it before. It sounds a lot like the voice Will uses when he’s flirting with random dignitaries or alien women, and Wesley decides he needs to hear it as often as possible.

“We’re not breaking any rules,” Wesley tells him. Right then and there he knows that he has to follow this through, that he’ll push Will if that’s what it takes. Because he can’t imagine living in a world where he doesn’t get to carry the taste of Will on his lips.

“People would talk,” Will starts, but Wesley cuts him off.

“People always talk, regardless of who you’re currently sleeping with,” Wesley says, earning a confused look from Will. “They do. You’re the official sex god of the ship or something. But it doesn’t matter. Because I feel...whatever this is between us. I feel it so strongly and I know it’s worth pursuing. If you tell me it isn’t, then you’re not half as smart as I thought you were. You’re still fucking gorgeous, though.” He trails off laughing and ducks his head to avoid Will’s eyes. He’s never told someone exactly what he thought about them before. He’s half expecting Will to laugh in his face and tell him to leave.

What he doesn’t expect is for Will to cup his face and tilt his head up, locking eyes with him. “You can feel how attracted to you I am,” Will says, smiling as he shifts his hips and brushes up against Wesley again. “Attraction - both physical and mental - isn’t an issue. What is is how many times I’m going to get killed for taking advantage of you.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s not taking advantage of me if I offer it,” Wesley whispers.

“That’s half what I’m afraid of,” Will whispers back. He studies Wesley for a minute, trying to read him with his eyes. Whatever he sees, Wesley is glad for it.

Because then they’re kissing again, and Wesley takes the initiative this time. He runs his tongue across the seam of Will’s lips until he parts them. Will tastes sweet, and Wesley’s senses are overwhelmed as he laps at him, trying to map his mouth with his tongue. Will’s holding his hips, his thumbs rubbing circles over his hipbones. Wesley feels like they could do this forever and he would never get sick of it.

Then Will pulls back, swallowing hard as he looks at Wesley.

“If this is what you want, then I’m willing to try,” he says softly. “But we can’t continue this tonight. I know you want this and I want this, but we have to give it some time.”

“I’m in, Will,” Wesley says quickly, “I’m so very in.”

“I could get used to you calling me Will,” Will admits. Wesley kisses him quickly, a bare brush of lips, before pulling back and grinning at him.

“I’m hoping you get the chance to,” he says. “What now?”

“Well, now you go back to your room before I lose the last bit of self-control that I’m clinging to,” he says, laughing when Wesley’s eyes go wide in shock. He had no idea Will was so close to losing it. He can’t wait to see what happens when he actually does let go. Wesley shivers at the thought, grinning when Will’s eyes go darker.

“And then?” he asks. Will shoves at his hips, and Wesley stands up, his body going cold at the loss of Will pressed against it.

“Tomorrow night. Dinner. Here,” Will says. Wesley just nods and heads for the door before he decides to convince Will to forget whatever romantic ideals he has and just take him now.

“Wesley,” Will calls out when he’s about to leave the room. He turns to see Will wink at him. “Sweet dreams.”

“You too,” Wesley says with a smirk. He heads back to his quarters, trying to avoid running into anyone on the way there. He knows he must look like a mess, like...well like he’s just been making out with someone. He smiles wider at the thought, already looking forward to the next night.

When his head hits his pillow, he replays Will’s words in his head and falls asleep feeling happier than he has been in a long time.
Tags: tng, vanilla twilight, wesley/riker
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