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Title: Uphill
Fandom: Hockey RPS
Pairing: Mike/Brooks
Rating: PG
Word Count: 540
Summary: Mike and Brooks go on an adventure.
Notes: Written for the schmoop_bingo prompt - adventure. Posted without a beta, so any mistakes are unfortunately mine.

Mike tries his best to pretend he’s not breathing heavily. He concentrates on inhaling through his nose and exhaling out his mouth. Brooks doesn’t even appear to be sweating, which is ridiculous. Mike curses his boyfriend under his breath.

There’s a possibility he put on more weight this past season than he originally figured.

“You know,” Mike says breathily, “when you said we were going on an adventure, hiking isn’t really what I pictured.”

“Considering you’re in distressed jeans, I already figured that out,” Brooks tells him with a smirk. Mike reaches out and swats at him, but Brooks just catches his hand and laces their fingers together.

Mike knows he shouldn’t even be complaining, because they hardly got to see each other during the offseason. They both had families to catch up with and a seemingly endless training regimen to adhere to. So a few stolen days together - even if Mike has to climb a god damned mountain - is totally worth it.

Besides, Brooks is worth pretty much anything Mike can imagine.

When they finally reach the top, Mike forgets why he ever bothered to bitch about this. The view is breathtaking, so it’s a good thing he’s already huffing. The last bit of trail was a bit steep, but Brooks was there to drag him up the final few feet.

“Gorgeous,” Brooks murmurs from beside him, and Mike turns to grin at him.

“It’s fucking fantastic!” he chirps. Brooks is smiling warmly at him, and Mike’s heart does that weird stutter thing in his chest.

“The view is great, but I kinda meant you,” Brooks tells him, his cheeks turning pink as he trails off.

And then they’re kissing, Brooks cupping Mike’s face in his hands. Mike melts against him as their mouths move together. Biting gently, Mike deepens the kiss and slides even closer. He licks into Brooks’ mouth, his whole body overwhelmed by the need to taste him. It’s always like this, like he can’t go on another second without Brooks pressed tightly against him. He always expected that rush to ebb over time, but it seems to be getting stronger. Not that Mike minds. He’s pretty sure he could live on this alone.

They’re both panting lightly by the time the kiss ends, and they just stand there breathing in each other’s air for a long moment. Brooks rests his forehead against Mike’s, and Mike can tell he’s smiling even though he can’t see it.

“Marry me,” Brooks says quickly. The words flow over Mike, and he takes a second to even comprehend the meaning of them.

“What?” Mike asks, his heart suddenly pounding in an effort to burst out of his chest.

“Marry me,’ Brooks says again. He’s staring intensely at Mike and looking ridiculously fucking calm. Before Mike can question himself or go over all the reasons this might not work, he nods and drags Brooks into another kiss. They can worry about the details later - and figure out how in the hell to explain things to their families and the team - but for now, this is all Mike wants in his life.

Because marriage to this beautiful man? That’s an adventure that’s more Mike’s style.
Tags: hockey, mike green/brooks laich, pg
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