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The World's Like a Science and I'm Like a Secret

Title: The World's Like a Science and I'm Like a Secret
Fandom: The Next Generation
Pairing: Wesley/Riker
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,073
Summary: For once, nothing exciting is happening.
Series: Fourth in the Vanilla Twilight series.
Notes: Written for the kissbingo prompt - face: forehead. Thanks to ohnoscarlett for the beta ♥ Title shamelessly stolen from the She & Him song "Lingering Still".

For once, nothing exciting is happening.

Wesley almost hates to admit that, because then they're guaranteed to run into hostile aliens or Q will pop up on the bridge naked again. He flushes a little, not sure if he should be ashamed that he's a little sad he missed out on that one. He shakes his head and focuses on doing his job, which is a hell of a lot easier without external forces pestering the Enterprise at every turn.

"You ok Wesley?" Geordi asks, and Wesley jumps. He hadn't noticed Geordi approaching and there's a brief moment where he thinks he's going to fall out of the chair. Laughing, he just nods.

"Perfectly fine," Wesley tells him. Which is a complete lie, because he is so much better than fine that it's ridiculous. Because he can close his eyes and see an image of Will, naked and gorgeous and his. He caught himself humming cheerfully earlier and has been struggling to not appear overjoyed. But his life is as good as it can be right now, and he can't wait until he can actually share that with his friends.

"Your face looks like you had a run-in with something," Geordi says, rubbing his own chin. Wesley blushes, because he knows his chin is pinker than normal, a side effect of making out with Will. It doesn't hurt - in fact the low burn makes him happy - but he didn't think it was as noticeable as it apparently is. He should have healed it that morning.

"I uh," he mumbles, "I fell. There was carpet. And…you know." He knows he sounds like an idiot, but Geordi just shoots him an amused look and heads back to his station. It's not like the crew doesn't think he's incredibly awkward anyway. He supposes he should be upset over how easily it is to blame something on being clumsy, but it gives him that much more time to explain his relationship with Will to everyone.

He has a feeling tact is going to be really important when it comes time to have that conversation.


Wesley is about to head back to the bridge, having left Engineering better off than it was before he went there. He grins to himself, because he finally has the hang of this; can finally interact with the crew as an adult instead of some whiz kid. Add in the fact that he recently started the first real relationship of his life, and he's pretty much been on cloud nine for the past few days. It's funny how one small change can force a complete one-eighty on his attitude.

The turbolift is about to shut when Will steps into it. He smiles at Wesley, waiting until the door shuts to reach out and touch him. It's a small touch, just a brush of fingers against his wrist, but Wesley can feel it down to his toes. Suddenly whatever suspicions Geordi and the other bridge crew might have don't matter as much. Hell, as long as he doesn't get tossed off the ship, he can handle anything right now.

"I had an interesting conversation with Data," Will tells him. He looks way too amused at this and orders the turbolift to stop. "He seems to think you had an incident in your quarters this morning that involved rug burn?"

"Well, it's better than admitting that beard burn was the real cause," Wesley says, laughing.

"Yeah, that might be slightly suspicious," Will agrees.

"Beards seem to be in short supply around here, not to mention the fact that I'd be admitting a sexual preference in front of people who'd run and tell my mother first chance they got. The last thing I need is her finding out from anyone by me," Wesley says. And really, he hasn't given it much thought. It's not like same-sex relationships are anything out of the norm, but some cultures - and even ill-informed humans - had a few hangups about them. Wesley is pretty sure his mother isn't one of them, but he'd prefer she got the news of his budding romance from him.

"Does that bother you?" Will asks. He looks worried, and Wesley realizes how much they still have to talk about. He doesn't want to come across too feminine or to bog down their relationship with all the stupid details of everything, but they do need to settle a few things still.

"Oh, not at all," Wesley says quickly. "I just want to tell her myself, you know?"

"Understandable," Will says, visibly relieved. "We'll have to tell people soon, though. I think. You only have a few months before you head for the Academy, but we shouldn't try and keep this under wraps. It makes it look like we're ashamed of it, and I'd never be ashamed of you."

"Thanks. Me either," Wesley says. He thinks he's smiled more this past week than his entire life. "We'll figure it out, but yeah. Don't worry." He carefully avoids the subject of the Academy, because he's still not sure what he should do about that. No need to let Will in on those plans until he makes a decision, though.

"I suppose I'll have to be careful for awhile, though. You can't show up for work everyday with your chin rubbed raw," he laughs and reaches out, ghosting his fingers over the pink skin on Wesley's chin.

Wesley shivers and leans closer. He tilts his head up, hoping for a kiss, but Will just chuckles and presses his lips to Wesley's forehead. It's such a sentimental thing, such a chaste kiss, that Wesley feels something tug in his chest. He sighs when Will pulls back, missing the soft touch of his mouth already. Hopefully there will be time for that later on, though.

"We better head back before we get in trouble for slacking off," Will says with a wink. He starts the turbolift again and Wesley risks one last touch before they reach the bridge. He traces Will's pulse point in his wrist, smiling over at him and pulling his hand back just as the doors open.
Tags: pg, tng, vanilla twilight, wesley/riker
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