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Two Wesley/Riker Ficlets

Prompt: Hand Holding
Fandom: Star Trek The Next Generation
Pairing: Wesley/Riker
Rating: PG

Will can admit that he has a tendency to take everything with a sexual grain of salt. It's not his fault that his mind works that way; that he can see someone smiling at him and his mind immediately transports both of them to his bedroom. It's how he's always worked, and he doesn't question it.

And Wesley...well Wesley is a special case. It's not even an age thing - though they get quite a few stares when they walk the hallways of the Enterprise together - it's mostly because Wesley looks at life differently. He's always in awe of the world around him, ready with a smile and a soft spoken wow!.

So while Will still has his sexual fantasies about Wesley, he always feels this intense urge to protect, to keep him grinning at the universe.

If that entails walking hand in hand into Ten Forward, then the hell with everyone else on the ship. Because Wesley's hand fits snug in his, and Will's body is already reeling with thoughts of what they'll get up to later tonight. But for right now? Right now he's more than content to sit at a table in the corner with Wesley's hand tight in his. He laces their fingers together and watches the blush spread across Wesley's cheeks when Will caresses the back of Wesley's hand with his thumb.

Somehow that's hotter than anything Will's ever come across before.

Prompt: H/C
Fandom: Star Trek The Next Generation
Pairing: Wesley/Riker
Rating: PG

"Don't even say it," Wesley grumbles. He's half pouting and half glaring at Will. Will sits on the chair next to the bed they're keeping Wesley on and tries not to say the words that he wants to.

"I mean it, Will," Wesley says, his voice brighter this time. His eyes aren't as dark as they were when Will first walked into sick bay, and Will likes to think that his presence has something to do with that.

"Fine, then I won't tell you that you should have waited for me," Will says smugly, ducking when Wesley reaches out and slaps gently at his arm. The small movement makes him hiss, and Wesley slumps back against the pillow he's propped up on.

"How about we just agree that next time - because there will most definitely be a next time - I won't run off by myself, ok?" Wesley asks. He licks his lips, and for the first time Will realizes that Wesley's nervous. Which is stupid, because if anyone should be nervous, it's Will. He's the one who let Wesley run ahead of everyone, wide-eyed and overjoyed about some weird looking rock formation he'd spotted. Will's the one who didn't stop him, who couldn't keep the rocks from giving out and taking Wesley down with them.

"Relax, kid," Will tells him, grinning when Wesley rolls his eyes at the nickname. "I'm not about to take you off away team duty. You're more of a pain in my ass when you're whining about being left behind than when you're stuck in here."

"Pain in the ass?" Wesley asks, quirking an eyebrow at him. Wesley licks his lips and looks at Will through his eyelashes, something that never fails to get him going.

"Later," Will promises, laughing when Wesley just leers at him.
Tags: tng, wesley/riker
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