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Show Me Your Teeth

Title: Show Me Your Teeth
Fandom: The Next Generation
Pairing: Wesley/Riker
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,086
Summary: Wesley has been jumpy all day long.
Series: Part of the Vanilla Twilight series.
Notes: Written for the kissbingo prompt - body: fingers. Thanks to littlestclouds for the beta ♥ Title shamelessly stolen from the Lady Gaga song "Teeth".

Wesley has been jumpy all day long.

He can’t seem to sit still, can’t focus at the helm when he can damn near feel Will’s eyes on his back. Suddenly the bridge is way too hot, like the environmental controls just went haywire. Only he knows no one else is feeling it, because it’s all in his head.

Wesley sighs and concentrates on laying out the right coordinates. All he needs is for his lack of focus to send the ship into a stray asteroid field. Then he’s never get to meet Will in his quarters for dinner. He smiles to himself, mostly because he’s having dinner with Will in his quarters. It’s something that seemed impossible only yesterday.

He almost falls out of his seat when he looks up and sees Counselor Troi standing next to him. She studies him for a moment, and he can see the question in her eyes.

“I’m fine,” Wesley says quickly, looking at a spot just over her shoulder. “Everything’s great!” he adds, cringing when his voice cracks. He mentally wills her to just go back to her seat and leave him alone. Which is horrible of him, because Wesley really likes her! What he doesn’t like is the look of slight disapproval clouding Troi’s features.

Troi doesn’t say anything, just nods sharply and squeezes Wesley’s shoulder once before heading back to her position at Captain Picard’s side. Wesley sighs again and does his best to think about nothing but navigation. And if his thoughts stay for a second to the memory of Will’s lips on his, he prays Troi doesn’t notice.


By the time Wesley arrives at Will’s quarters, he feels like a girly stereotype. He spent at least half an hour picking out what to wear, eventually going with a lightweight green sweater that he’s been told makes his eyes stand out. He rolls his eyes at his behavior before pressing the door chime.

Wesley almost chokes on his tongue when Will opens the door. He looks good. Hell, he looks fucking fantastic. He’s wearing a black v-neck shirt over pants that cling to his thighs in the most delicious way. Wesley catches himself staring and has to focus on meeting Will’s eyes again.

“I just set dinner out,” Will says, gesturing at the table in the middle of the room. The lights are dimmed and there’s soft music playing in the background. Wesley catches Will’s eye, noticing for the first time that Will seems to be every bit as apprehensive as he is. Somehow that makes everything better, and Wesley’s comfortable in his own skin again by the time he sits down.

“Looks good,” Wesley tells him. Then he looks at the spread in front of him, realizing that the table is full of all his favorites. He smiles across the table as Will and mumbles, “thank you.”

“I uh, I asked around,” Will tells him, chuckling before starting to pick at his food. Wesley joins in, and for a long time they just eat, catching each other up on the parts of their days they didn’t spend together on the bridge. Then Will breaks out into an anecdote about his time at the Starfleet Academy, and Wesley’s laughing to hard that his eyes water. When Wesley finally pulls it together, Will is looking at him with amusement in his eyes.

At that moment, Wesley comes to the conclusion that this whole thing could work.

Hell, Will is telling stories, playing up his past pursuits in an effort to impress Wesley. Usually people only try to impress him intellectually, and the attention is nice. For the first time since Wesley began this whole hopeless crush routine, he figures that they’re both equally involved in...whatever this is. Will seems to be chasing him every bit as much as he’s chasing Will. That thought warms him from the inside out, and Wesley decides to test the waters just a bit.

“I’m having a fantastic time, Will,” he says, dragging out the words. “What are we doing here?” he asks. His heart starts racing, and he sets down his fork, feeling stupid all over again.

“Enjoying a nice meal?” Will asks more than answers. He pauses and purses his lips before saying, “Wesley, I’m nervous as hell, too.”

And then they’re both laughing - grinning at each other across the table - and it’s fucking perfect.

“I don’t date,” Wesley says after they calm down. “I mean, I do. I will, obviously. But I uh, don’t have much practice.”

“While I have all the practice in the world but am starting to realize I never put any meaning into it,” Will pauses and shrugs, “until now of course. I’m going to come right out and admit that I have no idea how to treat this. Hopefully we can just figure it out together?”

“I’d like that,” Wesley says, grinning so hard that he’s afraid his cheeks might split. Only Will is smiling right back at him, and his heart does this weird twitchy thing inside his chest.

“Well enough deep discussion for one evening, how about dessert?” Will asks, standing up and heading to the replicator.

When Wesley sees the dessert, he can’t help groaning in appreciation. Will sets a bowl of Thalian Chocolate Mousse down in front of him, and Wesley leans down to inhale the rich chocolate scent.

“My favorite!” he says brightly, not even bothering to wait for Will to sit back down before diving in. He pulls the spoon out of his mouth slowly, reveling in the taste of the mousse. It’s utterly decadent, and he lets out a small moan with each bite.

When he finishes, he looks up, startled to see Will studying him intensely. The look can only be described as hunger and Wesley shivers under his gaze. He hurries and takes another bite of the mousse before Will’s look undoes him. He’s usually better than this, can usually control himself well enough to look reasonably put-together. Only there’s something about Will that gets to him, makes him lose his footing in almost everything he does.

Will snorts, his whole face lighting up as he gestures across the table at Wesley. “You have mousse,” he says, half-laughing as he wipes at his own mouth. Wesley brushes his fingers against his chin, but Will lets out a chuckle and shakes his head. “No, come here,” he says, pushing back from the table. He spreads his legs and pats his thigh.

And Wesley will be damned if that isn’t the best idea either of them have had all night.

He scurries out of his chair and slides into Will’s lap. He straddles one thigh, letting Will’s body support his weight. Will brings one hand up and wipes his thumb across Wesley’s upper lip. Wesley inhales deeply, startled by the piercing look in Will’s eyes. He parts his lips, tongue darting out to wet them as he watches Will lick his own thumb clean.

Wesley moves quickly, unable to hold back any longer. He attacks Will, crushing their mouths together. He’s not as shy as last time; is fully aware of what they can do to each other. Will groans into the kiss, and Wesley deepens it, tongues and teeth clashing as their mouths move against each other.

Will has one hand cupping the back of Wesley’s neck and the other resting on the small of his back. Wesley moves closer, pressing their chests together. There’s a sudden heat against his skin, and Wesley realizes Will’s hand snuck under his sweater. He shivers, his whole body heating up. Will’s thumb caresses circles across the hollow of Wesley’s spine, driving him mad.

“Off,” Wesley gasps, pulling out of the kiss. “Take it off,” he orders. Will swallows thickly, but he’s nodding. Wesley lets out the breath he didn’t realize he was holding and grins. Will slides his hands up Wesley’s sides, tugging the fabric over his head.

Wesley chooses that moment to remember he’s never gone even half this far with someone before and starts blushing furiously. He can feel it down to his chest, and ducks his head in embarrassment.

“I’m glad I’m the only one who gets to see you like this,” Will whispers. He skirts his hands back down Wesley’s body, palming his hipbones. Wesley shivers and looks up, meeting Will’s eyes. All he can see if acceptance, no sign of judging or disappointment. Emboldened, Wesley kisses him again.

And then Will is all over him, all at once.

He nips at Wesley’s jawline, sucking his way down to the base of Wesley’s neck. Will licks a swipe up Wesley’s neck, making him shudder. “Will,” Wesley gasps out. His body hasn’t felt this good ever. He clings on to Will’s shoulders, fully aware that he’s not doing much to help, but unable to move his arms when Will is suckling on the hollow of his throat.

“Can’t mark you there,” Will says softly before moving down his chest. He’s never given any thought to being marked, to having someone else’s teeth or mouth leave love-bites on his pale skin, but suddenly Wesley needs it. The urge runs through his body, making him buck his hips.

“Please,” Wesley says, his voice strained. Will looks up at him and must see something on his face, because he just nods and dips down again.

He presses a chaste kiss to Wesley’s collarbone, just a quick brush of lips. Somehow Wesley still feels it down to his toes. He’s pretty sure he’ll never tire of this.

Then there’s a hand on Wesley’s thigh, inching slowly upwards. Wesley wants to tell Will to hurry up, wants to shout at him to touch him, but he can’t move. All he can do is focus on breathing and the feel of Will’s mouth and hands on him.

Will palms him through his pants, and Wesley feels like he could explode. Instead, he whines and thrusts his hips up. Will laughs against his skin, his mouth never leaving Wesley’s body. He starts a rhythm, rocks against Will’s hand while Will sucks on his collarbone.

He’s harder than he can ever remember being and knows this isn’t going to last. And then Will hikes him closer, aligning their bodies. Wesley can feel Will’s cock against his thigh, can tell Will is every bit as eager as he is. He rubs his thigh against the bulge and then suddenly they’re both bucking their hips and moving together.

And then there’s teeth on his collarbone, and Wesley can’t handle it anymore. He cries out as he comes, his whole body going stiff. Will works him through it, licking and biting at his skin.

When he pulls back, Wesley is half-dead. His limbs are heavy and his body is humming with satisfaction. It’s so good that he almost forgets the hard press of Will against his inner thigh. When he reaches down to help him out, Will shakes his head and Wesley raises an eyebrow in question.

“Watch me,” Will says, his voice thick and raw. Wesley scoots back, balancing on Will’s knee and leaning back against the table. Will open his pants, shoving them down around his thighs. He wraps his hand around his dick and starts to stroke himself, his eyes never leaving Wesley’s. Wesley stares right back, his eyes flickering from Will’s to his crotch and back.

Wesley watches with parted lips as Will pumps himself, moaning as his hand slides over his hard length. He’s panting, his eyes glazed over as he moves his hand. A few more strokes and then he comes, throwing his head back and choking out Wesley’s name. He coats his thighs and hand, a few splashes catching his abs.

It’s the absolute hottest thing Wesley’s ever seen.

Will raises a hand, and Wesley leans forward to meet it. He flicks his tongue out, lapping at the come. It’s not what he thought it would be, too salty and too bitter to actually taste good. But the look Will is giving him makes it worth it, so Wesley keeps licking until his hand is clean.

“Fuck,” Will says, leering at Wesley before pulling him close again. “What am I going to do with you?” he asks, but Wesley can hear the laughter in his voice.

“Keep me?” he asks.

Will’s mouth on his is the best kind of answer.
Tags: tng, vanilla twilight, wesley/riker
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